Acumen ™ Risk Platform

Acumen is a threat and risk management platform for assessing, planning, and mitigating risk at national, sub-national, and corporate levels. Based on a methodology that merges quantitative and qualitative data, Acumen facilitates a holistic end-to-end solution to protect help inform and protect governments, international organizations, corporations, and individuals that need to safeguard their development achievements, growth, assets, and business continuity.

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Acumen helps monitor risk, generating a common corporate operating picture with real-time insights and alerts to changing and often challenging realities. Acumen enables recommendations and solutions to reduce, avoid, or accept security risks that facilitate decision-making.

The platform facilitates the gathering of information from internal and external sources in real-time and helps analyze this according to criticality, vulnerability, and consequence levels of plausible threat scenarios. Acumen then helps assess and prioritize the possible risks, available resources, and other criteria per customer preference.

The risk status can be monitored, generating a common operating picture with real-time insights and alerts to changing realities. Acumen enables suggesting solutions and recommendations to reduce, avoid, transfer and accept security risks that facilitate decision-making.


Information collection processing, distribution, and management.

custom dashboards

Customized user dashboards with over ten designated widgets


Immediate information retrieval.

Real-time updates

Updates and recommendations according to real-time, on-site changes.


Customizable platform, suitable for organizations of all sizes and fields

Knowledge base

Knowledge management for incidents and threat actors monitoring

secure data storage

Effective, organized, and secure storage of vast amounts of data.


Fully compliant with the strictest international standards


Manage a single location or multiple sites from one, easy-to-use system.

Acumen Academy provides a wide range of Risk Management online courses.
Our team supports each step of learning how to use the platform’s full potential to protect and manage the risk for organizations.

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In addition to the web platform, Acumen has a mobile extension that provides a simple yet sophisticated communication channel directly to and from users, enabling management to know where their people are and whether there is a threat to them or to company assets.

Acumen Mobile is an extension from and fully integrated with the Acumen Risk Management platform, enabling users to send reports to a desk or designated list of other users with location, text, images, video, and audio information with the press of a button.


Fully compatible iOS and Android mobile – tablet, smartwatch, and phone application


Country-based incident subscription

Information Gathering

Mobile tool for gathering and disseminating data and information


Acumen Mobile is an extension from and fully integrated with the Acumen Risk Management platform


Location-based alerts & threat level indication


Security warning Information


Web-based desk application for users enabling location tracking


Push-and-pull notifications for incidents and alerts

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