Iran’s Violations of Human Rights Highlighted in UN Report


The latest UN report on the human rights situation in Iran paints a grim picture of a record number of executions in 2022, arrests of thousands of children, and numerous allegations of torture and ill-treatment by security forces. Key findings :

Unlawful killings: The report found that security forces used disproportionate force in some instances in the context of demonstrations, leading to the death and injury of protestors. In addition, at least 44 children, including ten girls, were reportedly killed by security forces using lethal force.
Arbitrary detention: The report found that there had been a significant increase in arbitrary detention of protestors, activists, human rights defenders, and lawyers. An estimated 20,000 individuals have been arrested and detained for supporting or participating in the protests.
Torture and ill-treatment: The report found that there have been numerous allegations of torture and ill-treatment of individuals by security forces during arrest and interrogation. These allegations include beatings, electric shocks, and sexual violence.
Restrictions on freedom of expression: The report found that the authorities have intensified online censorship and banned access to some social media and messaging platforms. In addition, the State has become more stringent in enforcing mandatory veiling, imposing harsher penalties for women who do not comply.
Discrimination against women and girls: The report found that State policy has become more stringent in enforcing mandatory veiling, significantly impacting the daily lives of women and girls. In addition, there have been reports of sexual and gender-based violence committed against women, men, and children, especially in detention.
Death penalty: The report found many death penalty sentences and executions during the reporting period. In 2022, 582 people were executed, a 75 percent increase compared to 2021. Of the total number of executions, 256 were for drug-related offenses.

The report also noted that domestic avenues for accountability remain weak and ineffective, particularly in addressing violations in the context of recent protests. The lack of thorough, impartial, effective, independent, and transparent investigations into all incidents further undermines trust in the judicial system.

​Iran Dossier 582 people were executed in Iran 

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